Question: I have a question about Versus. How can I contact you?

Answer: You can contact Versus support in official forums. You can also contact us via private message trough official forums or through skype: nk[underscore]eletskiy

Question: Why do I need to instal mod? Cant you query attendendce information via WG API?

Answer: Unfortunately API, which provides access to the WG does not contain information about the attendance of players, how many battles are played or how long player had been online. However , such information can be obtained directly from the game client . Mod just performs this function , collects the necessary information and sends it to the Verus server.

Question: How many clan members have to use this mod?

Answer: As many as possible! - As a guideline, we advise that mod have to be installed by all clan officers.

Question: What is the difference between free and paid version? What is the difference between a basic and a premium account?

Answer: Most of the functions are free! You can freely download and install Verus without any restrictions. Restrictions are related to the analysis of historical data. Free version (base account) can only analize current month data.

Question: Why mod is paid?

Answer: Work on the site and the mod takes plenty of time, and time is money. In addition, payment stimulate developers for further support and development of the Versus project.

Question: What are the payment options?

Answer: If you are unable to pay via credit card or paypal, please contact us via PM's on official forums or skype.

Question: Can I try all functions of Premium account before paying?

Answer: Yes of course! Drop me a PM on the official WoT forum or skype and I'll include a premium account for your clan for a few days.

Question: o I need to buy a premium account for each member of the clan?

Answer: No! Premium account covers the entire clan no matter who made ​​the payment.

Question: How install mod?

Answer: Here is 2 diffirents way: exe-file and zip-file. Run exe-file and choose necessary option. If you have troubles with exe-installing you can download zip-version and extract it to /res-mods/0.9.7/

Question: I installed the mod but it seems does not work.

Answer: To solve it make the following.
  • Close World do fTanks.
  • In a game root folder find and clean up python.log
  • Launch the game and login to your account.
  • Close the game.
  • Open python.log and find strings like 'Load mods: versus'
  • If you do not have this strings Versus does not installed correctly. To solve the problem send to me python.log

Question: My clan participate in Global War but there are not all records in battles history.

Answer: Global War battles history is stored only for clan that using this mod. For other clans history may be incomplite.

Question: All commanders installed this mod but information about Training sessions, Team battles, Platoon battles, Strongholds and Global Map battles incomplite

Answer: First, in each battle has to be one or more players with mod. Second, player with mod shouldn't leave the battle before its terminated.

Question: Information about clan members is incomplite, there are no new members.

Answer: Information about clan members and clan tanks synchronize with WG server one time per 72 hour. You can do it self at clansettings page but not more than one time per hour.