[-B-C-] British Centurions

General info

Clan leader: acm166

WoT profile:-B-C-

Official clan site :-B-C-

Recruiting Station :-B-C-

Clan youtube page :-B-C-

About us

-B-C- international competitive clan wars based clan focusing in tier 8-10 clan wars first strongholds second we use strongholds as a way to train and to farm credits with boost active when playing.

Terms of Recruitment

Requirements to join: if you do not have the requirements pop onto teamspeak and we will see what we can do based of your recent play style.

WIN 8: 1500 overall 1600 past 1000 battles.
Tanks: T8 clan wars.
50% win.
teamspeak 3.

Dimension Value
Players count92
recruit (%)9%
Avg. "in clan" (month)11.78
Avg. 10 tier vehicle per player19
Avg. 10 tier wins% 52.4%
Battles efficiency
Dimension Value
Prefered arenaFisherman's Bay
Avg Globalmap battles per day2.33
Globalmap wins%55.71
Avg Strongholds battles per day3.63
Officers rating

by Globalmap wins%

by SH wins%

Player wins% Place
Player wins% Place

*(for officers who has min 1 battle per day)